• The treatment plan is written on the diagnosis of the dentist. It will outline the treatment steps and may list several treatment options. It will contain the number of visits needed and the length of your treatment.
  • Proper quotation: After a thorough examination we can draw up a written and proper quotation for you. The quotation specifies the name and number of restorations or prostheses you need to receive the additional treatments and their prices.
  • The panoramic X-ray is part of the examination and it is taken from your full mouth. It facilitates our job since we can have more information about the condition of the teeth, soft tissues and jawbones.
  • Arriving to the airport you will be met by our driver who will take you to our dental centre and after the consultation drives you back to the airport. Please, don’t forget to give us your flight data.
  • Assistance in the booking of accomodation
  • Proper and Caring treatment
  • Guarantee up to 5 years
  • Numerous leisure activities
  • Individual oral hygienic advice
  • EU Certified materials
  • Free check-up
  • Material Genuine Card
From Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Call This Number: +36 96 217 532