• Free written and detailed treatment plan
  • Free written quotation
  • Free panoramic X-ray
  • Free transport between the airport and the surgery
  • Assistance in the booking of accomodation
  • Proper and Caring treatment
  • Guarantee up to 5 years
  • Numerous leisure activities
  • Individual oral hygienic advice Our dental nurse or dental hygienist will draw you attention to the necessary oral care steps you need to keep so that you can enjoy your prosthesis for a long time.
  • EU certified materials: Our dental centre and dental laboratory are working exclusively with the latest and best materials meeting EU requirements. We own all the necessary certificates about the materials that we use.
  • Free check-up
  • For preserving your beautiful smile and the condition of your prosthesis regular check-ups are as important as the oral care. In Laserdent we think that it is the best for the patient to return to the dentist who was involved in the treatment. Besides it prevents misunderstandings and inconvenience.
  • Genuine Material Card Each patient is given a card which contains a listing of materials used for the restoration or prosthesis. It also contains the type and colour of restoration or prosthesis and the teeth that were treated.
From Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Call This Number: +36 96 217 532