About Us

Welcome to the website of Laserdent Dental Clinic. Our dentists’ office is located in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary near the Austrian border. It is a centre of implantology, general and cosmetic dentistry.

Our private practice was established in 1989. We offer our patients a comprehensive dental treatment from laser-treatment todental implants.

All dental equipments and appliances are available in our high-tech dentist' surgery. We take pains to provide you extensive service in the field of painless dentistry with the help of laser equipmentsDental treatment with laser definitely increases the success rate of the treatment. The success rate of efficiency is about 90 %Laser is applied in cosmetic dentistry as well, in the case of tooth bleaching. Nowadays dental treatment with laser is essential in any dentists’ office.

Our medical examinations and treatments are lead by 3 specialists and a university professor. Our oral surgeon has 15 years experience in implantology. Laserdent dentists train themselves on international conferences to stay up-to-date in the latest methods of dental treatment. The best knowledge is combined with the modernest technology from Austria, Germany and Switzerland to cure the patients.

dental laboratory also belongs to the surgery, where 7 high-qualified dental technicians are working. They are using exclusively first quality materials meeting EU requirements and EN ISO 1562 and EN ISO 9693 norms. The patient’s optimal prosthesis will be designed in a chair-side consultation with the patient, the dentist and dental technician. A professional cooperation with state of the art equipped laboratories can produce a natural look and give back good chewing function. 
You can have your teeth treated unexpensive in relatively short time. Our team of dentists, assistants and our dental laboratory helps you.

Have your teeth treated in Hungary. Our dentist’ surgery offers you cheap dental prostheses and dental treatment. Dental implants in Hungary from first quality materials. You can connect your dental treatment with leisure facilities.


From Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Call This Number: +36 96 217 532