All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns provide the best natural color match than any other crown type and may be more suitable for people with metal allergies.

These ceramic restorations are made of only ceramic materials with no metal in the base, so they are more suitable for people with metal allergies. They are bonded to existing tooth structure with specialized cements. Porcelain crowns are extremely durable. They are an excellent choice for restoring severely fractured teeth, heavily worn teeth and for replacing old crowns. They are highly resistant to stain or color change. In the case of full-ceramic crowns there is no black line at the gum line. Further benefits of ceramic crowns include that the smooth surface of ceramic hinders deposits of plaque and tartar, which makes the ceramic very easy to clean. They have an outstanding bio-compatibility. The greatest advantage lies with the ceramic, which can be coloured both inside and out and is naturally transparent. Therefore the colour can be adjusted as required and the porcelain laminates conform to the adjacent teeth under all lighting conditions.

They create an extremely natural-looking appearance and are typically used on front teeth. The tooth-colored ceramic material is translucent, like the enamel of your natural teeth, and size and shade can be carefully matched to complement the rest of your smile. However, ceramic dental crowns are not as resilient as metal crowns and do not function as well on back teeth, which sustain a lot of pressure generated from biting and chewing.

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