All-ceramic and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

Root canal treated teeth need to have dental posts inserted int the root canal before placing a dental crown.

Root canal treated teeth are not as sturdy as they once were and for this reason your dentist will recommend that a they should be restored with either a dental crown or else a dental crown in combination with a dental post. This restoration provides another function also. It provides a seal protecting the interior of the tooth. This barrier helps to prevent seepage of bacteria and contaminates from the oral cavity into the interior aspects of the tooth.

A "post" is a rod that a dentist has positioned and then cemented in the canal space in a tooth's root. Typically, but not always, dental posts are made out of metal. There exist posts that are made of unbendable strong ceramic. Before placing a post the dentist will first use a drill and remove some of the gutta percha filling material that was placed during the tooth's root canal treatment. They will then cement the post and subsequently place a core of filling material around the post's upper portion, so to increase the overall amount of structure that will extend up into the crown. The dentist will use a dental crown as a means of improving the appearance of a tooth, restoring a broken tooth to its original shape, and strengthening it.

Before a dental crown can be placed the tooth must first be trimmed so it is tapered in shape. This tapered aspect of the tooth will extend up into the dental crown's center and is a very important factor in the crown's stability. After the needed shape has been achieved your dentist will take an impression of the tooth, which in turn is sent to a dental laboratory which will create the crown. Once the dental lab has completed your crown your dentist will cement it in place.

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