Dental Prostheses

Have a bright smile! First quality dental prostheses - low prices in Hungary.

Laser-Dent offers you the cheap alternative. Choosing our prosthesis you can spare up to 70% on a single crown. Hungarian dentistry is worldwide acknowledged. All materials and equipments meet the EU standards but prices are 50 - 70 % lower at our dentist's office. In our modern surgery and own technical laboratory you can have your dental prosthesis made from high-quality materials in relatively short time. However, short time is not always enough for a perfect and precise job.

The patient's optimal prosthesis will be designed in a chair-side consultation with the patient, the dentist and dental technician. A professional cooperation with state of the art equipped laboratories can produce a natural look and give back good chewing function. You can have your teeth treated unexpensive in relatively short time. Our team of dentists, assistants and our dental laborytory helps you.

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