Dentist Hungary

Hungary is renowned all over the world for its high standards and advanced medical procedures, with many of their medical profession teaching and practicing internationally. Hungary offers a range of excellent healthcare and dental facilities which visitors can take advantage of at a much lower price than in the UK or in Ireland. Hungary has for a long time been a popular destination for the Germans and Austrians, once they cottoned on to the fact that it was much cheaper to have their dentistry and surgery in Hungary than at home.

Why choose a dentist in Hungary?

In Hungary dentists are trained to cover all aspects of dentistry and they have a longer (6 years) and more comprehensive training than those in the UK and in Ireland. In order to practise, surgeons and dentists must obtain a governmental certificate. Dentists in Hungary must be fully qualified, with affiliations and membership to international dental organisations. In order to maintain their license, practicing dentists must attend training courses, seminars and lectures to keep themselves continually aware of new technologies and techniques. Dentists in Hungary train initially as a 'general' dentist and then go on to specialise, so they are either general dentists or specialists in a field of dentistry. For example, a general dentist can attend short course and become an implantologist but an oral and maxillofacial surgeon has to train for at least an extra two to three years on top of five years at university which makes them better equipped to carry out implant and bone grafting surgery. This high level training means that dentists in Hungary offer a superior service. The lead dentist should have at least 13-15 years experience in their field. It is also reassuring to know that all surgeries in Hungary are equipped with the latest technology.

Why choose our dentist' surgery?

We offer our patients a comprehensive dental treatment from laser treatment to inserting dental implants at low prices. All of the surgery's dental equipments and appliances are up-to-date. The products and materilas that are used in our dentist' office meet the EU standards. Our oral surgeon has 15 years experience in the field of dental implants. 7 dental technicians and a dental laboratory help the work of our dentists. We take pains to provide you extensive service in the field of painless dentistry with the help of laser equipments. In our private surgery you can receive first-class service in short time, however short time is not always enough for a perfect job.


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