Revolutionary whitening system from the U.S.A.

Bleaching upper and lower jaw with zoom Advenced ACP

Now only 320 euros!

ZOOM2-ACP is the revolutionary whitening system from the U.S.A.The special whitening is simple and painless, but effective. Professional bleaching for bright white teeth. ZOOM2-ACP is safe, effective and fast - very fast!

If it is necessary the Bleaching will be begun with the professional, deep cleaning of the teeth.Drawn on our Offer- package!

Save money with the new whitening package!
Now only 436 Eur!

This package contains the following Special Offers:

  • Free consultation with our dental hygienist
  • Professional oral hygiene before the bleaching
  • New! Air - Flow with PROPHY-Pearls, Cleaning Powder
  • Tartar removal with ultra-sound
  • Professional Bleaching with Zoom2-ACP upper and lower jaw
  • Fluoridation
  • Advice about professional teeth cleaning, and preserve and improve the oral health
  • Lighten the individual tooth color with advice
  • Polish
  • Tongue Hygiene
  • Fighting against bad breath
  • A freshener on request

That’s all with the new ACP-2 ZOOM whitening system exclusively over here!Give yourself a Hollywood smile!

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