Pitt-Easy Implant System 

Pitt-Easy Implant System 100% pure titanium

All inclusive offer!

Now only about 620 Eur!

for your panorama X-ray  and individual TCP


This package contains the following Special Offers:

- Free consultation with our oral surgeon

Determination the size and length of the implant before the operation

- General anamnesis

- Free digital radiography with reduced radiation exposure

- Creating a detailed treatment and cost plan

- Surfaces anesthesia

- Local obfuscation

- Implantation of implant

- Pitt-Easy Implant 100% pure titanium

- Implant Pass with the details of manufacture, material, type and size

- Laser treatment for painless and faster wound healing

- Suture removal and control

Exposure of implant 

- Individual implant built-up system


And the most important: it is depends on the experience:

- Based on our sustained  experience of implantation, we know, what is needed,that the treatment step by step smootly works.

- We have implant experience since 1993

- We have already thousands of implants implanted

- We work with this system for many years successfully.Learn more at www.oraltronics.org


For your convenience

  • A freshener on request
  • Guarded parking for free
  • Advice about professional teeth cleaning, and preserve and improve the oral health


The LaserDent team support you very happy and create free a treatment and cost plan.

 Make an appointment at phone: 0036-96/217-532


Free phone number:
(DE) 0800 1800851
(AT) 0800 291776


Our team will advise you about the implant systems and informs you of their costs. 


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