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Top quality dental treatments at low prices in Hungary!

Dental Clinic of dental implantology and aesthetic. 

Connect your dental treatment with active holiday in Hungary!


Our team consists of experienced and qualified dentists. They have several years experience in making a complete and extensive diagnose, in laser treatment and therapy of dental diseases. Dr. Hajnalka Szalay is the owner and lead dentist of Laser-Dent private dentist' surgery in Hungary. Her comprehensive therapy in dental treatment made her acknowledged in Hungariann speaking regions. Our professor, the oral surgeon has more than 15 years experience in the field of implants. We are working exclusively with the latest and best materials meeting EU standards. We own all the necessary certificates about the materials that we use, of course and can show you if you wish. In Hungary a dental prosthesis is 60-70 % cheaper. Choose our service and cheap dental prostheses - lower your dental treatment costs. In our modern dentist' office and dental laboratory you can have your dental prosthesis made from high-quality materials in relatively short time. However, short time is not always enough for a perfect and precise job. We give you 3-5 years guarantee on paper. You have the occasion to connect your dental treatment with active holiday, if you choose us. We can offer you various leisure and holiday activities. We are waiting for you in a beautifully and friendly furnished waiting-room with wireless internet connection. Our private car park is free of charge and reserved for Laserdent patients. 

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